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Track player performance. Share moments that matter. Manage your team.

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"Players like their stats. They love the cool match visuals, and I save lots of time on team management."

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Track your performance

Who has the highest attendance this month? Who has the best Shot Quality? Track player performance. Compete with yourself or your team mates.

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Share content. Like a pro

Choose your line-up. Share highlights that look like TV. Start a liveblog with your followers.

Manage your team

See who’s coming, who’s driving, what time you’re meeting. And where you’re playing. Mingle saves you time and motivates team members.

Follow. Share. Cheer.

Follow your favourite players. Share highlights on Mingle or on your own socials. Celebrate those magic moments.

What our users say



Mingle literally saves me time with the logistics. Thank you for the auto reminders :-)



I can follow match updates from home. Just like a professional match



I always share the line-ups and match results on our team Instagram 👍👍



The app is fantastic. I've used it with my team from the first release, and we're very happy with it.



Works great, would definitely recommend 🙌

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Features our users like



Create and share your line-up.



Your goals, assists, highlights, achievements - all in one place.

Track attendance

Track attendance

Make sure nobody misses games with our scheduling tools.



Keep fans up-to-date with live text, audio and video updates.

Team Schedule

Team Schedule

Plan all your matches and training practices.

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications & Reminders

Never miss a practice, match or match highlight.

How it works

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Other ball sports are coming

Mingle Sport is currently available for football teams in Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand & Mexico.

We receive many requests to add other ball sports and countries. Join our waitlist and we’ll notify you when we have exciting updates!

Crucial for coaches. Great for teams.