Rein de Jong

Rein de Jong

November 7, 2023

3 min read

5 Tips For Your Football Training

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Training a team takes a lot of time and effort. It is becoming increasingly difficult for amateur associations to find trainers for their youth teams. Training a team is about explaining tactics and exercises, managing your team and making players better. But it is mainly about letting young players enjoy sport.

If you're able to facilitate that, players will automatically improve and winning matches becomes more fun and less important. In this article we give you 5 tips for training your team:

“A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime” - Billy Graham

1. Make your team enjoy playing football

The goal of most trainers is of course to win a match. But something – certainly for the younger football players among us- is perhaps much more important, is experiencing fun in sport. In the end, that’s why we once started playing sports. As a team trainer you should not only focus on exercises and tactics. Go and do a fun activity with the whole team. Or plan a foot volley tournament with the club. In addition, it is nice not only to look at the best player of a team. Also keep an eye on who worked the hardest in the match and hand out compliments to players every once in a while.

2. Well begun is half done

As a trainer it is important to be straight forward and clear towards your players. Nothing is more annoying than arriving at a training session without the right tools or having a shortage of cars on Saturday morning for that one away game of the season that starts at 8:30 AM. By properly preparing training sessions and matchdays, trainers and players know what to expect.

3. Who is attending the training tonight?

A question trainers often have to ask without always getting a concrete answer. There are only few things more frustrating for trainers than getting everything ready only to find out 4 players are attending your training. Or all those different WhatsApp groups in which only GIFs are sent. Mingle Sport offers the possibility to easily schedule all your upcoming matches and training sessions. Players can indicate whether they are going/not going. Then everyone knows exactly what is going on. In addition, Mingle Sport has handy chat functions so that everything can be found in one place.

4. Track your team stats

The competitive aspect of football and competing with your teammates always motivates players. Keeping track of stats such as goals and assists is an upcoming trend and players feel the need to share their stats with friends and family. To facilitate this, Mingle allows you to keep track of goals, assists and highlights – all in one place.

Keeping stats is a great way to motivate your team. But in addition you also get leaderboards- at team level, but also at club level. With this you really challenge the players to get the best out of themselves every week. On top of keeping track of stats players, trainers and team support can vote for the players of the match after each match: MVP, Playmaker and Workhorse. Which player will win the most awards this month?

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5. Get the most out of your players

Try to capture moments and highlights from a match. This way you can look back at them later with the players, and highlight what could be improved or compliment on well-executed tactics.

The match feed and capturing tools in the Mingle app make it easy to capture match highlights and important moments. You can easily keep track of who scored, and analyze the match images to improve your team.

Bonus tip: Download the Mingle Sport app

Trainers at more than 300+ clubs in the Netherlands use Mingle Sport to manage their team. They get more time to prepare the training themselves without having to invest time in time consuming activities such as attendance and who is driving. They also notice a stronger chemistry in the team because everyone has more fun during the week.

The Mingle Sport app is available now in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Good luck training with your team!