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Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

January 2, 2024

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Top 5 Best mobile apps for your grassroots football team

Mingle Sport - The best app for football teams

We live in a world where apps, the internet and technology have become a part of our everyday life. For your favourite professional football team, there are plenty of apps where you can see the standings, view stats, see line-ups and often even follow the match live. Grassroots pitches however are not quite there yet - the technology is not yet as advanced as in professional football. Grassroots football teams have of course less financial room to spend on technology (after all, the third half is also important). But does this mean amateur teams have no options to improve their match experience? Certainly not! In this blog we explore the best mobile apps for you & your grassroots football team.

1. Mingle Sport

An all in one free football app. Mingle Sport offers easy and accessible management tools for football teams. Here everyone can indicate their availability. Mingle also has the option to report and share the match experience. Report your match live in the app using video, text and audio messaging to capture the entire experience and atmosphere surrounding your favourite sport and share it with your friends and family. Mingle also uses technology to enhance your video in the app. your stats will also be tracked and you will be placed on the leaderboards of your team, club and followers.Mingle Sport is available on iOS and Android.

2. Spond

Spond provides an app for all communication between team leaders, coaches, players and parents. All in one place. Spond is one of the largest team management apps in the Netherlands and Spond is completely free to use.With Spond you can send invitations for training sessions, competitions and other activities. You can also easily chat with a group or send someone an individual message. For example, you can create a group with all parents, the entire team or one single person. Spond also provides you with the ability to share information, files or photos with each other.In addition to the team management part, Spond also recently launched Spond Club. This is a free system for clubs and organisations. At Spond Club you can collect membership fees and keep records of all members at the club, among other things.

3. Teamsnap

Teamsnap is a sports management app with the focus on teams, clubs but also competitions. The free version of the app includes features for teams. Including planning activities, sharing live match content including the score and the ability to share photos. Teamsnap also features chat and payment tools for its members. Teamsnap has an easy to use app for multiple sports, including football. Additional features such as unlimited team members, season stats and line-ups require a monthly or annual payment.

4. Heja

Heja are firm believers of the positive impact sports can play in the lives of kids. Heja is an app that allows you to plan activities where everyone can indicate whether they are present/absent. Heja gives you the ability to have 1 admin per team. This makes it very well-organised. In addition to scheduling and RSVP, you can chat with the team and share photos and videos with each other. Heja also has a paid subscription that includes a web app, payment options and document sharing.

5. Sporteasy

Sporteasy is the last app of this list. Sporteasy allows you to organize your team with features such as team messaging, calendar management and event invites where players can indicate their availability. You can also vote for players after matches for that bit of extra team chemistry. Sporteasy also has paid features. Stats, player attendance statistics and club management are several features they offer you in exchange for a subscription.

Try one of these apps and see if it has a positive effect on your team.

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