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January 22, 2024

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Create a match report: keep track of goals, subs, cards and many more!

Create a match report with ease; Keep track of match facts like goals, subs, videos with the Mingle Sport app

In the fast-paced world of grassroots sports, keeping track of match and player statistics is essential for teams striving to improve and succeed. The days of relying on notebooks and Excel sheets are over – enter Mingle Sport, the all-in-one app that revolutionizes the way you manage and share your team's performance. Let's dive into how this app transforms your match experience from pre-game preparations to post-match analyses.

Pre-Match: Streamlined Lineup Creation

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling RSVPs and managing multiple formations manually. With Mingle Sport, effortlessly create your team's lineup based on player responses. No more confusion, just a smooth and intuitive process to set the stage for success.

During the Match: Comprehensive Tracking at Your Fingertips

Mingle Sport ensures you never miss a beat during the game. Track every crucial aspect, including:

  • Goals and Assists: Keep a real-time tally of goals and assists, providing insights into your team's offensive prowess.

  • Match Timer and Minutes Played: Monitor the game's progression and individual player contributions with accurate timekeeping. Manage equal play time easily.

  • Keep track of substitutes: Keep a close eye on your substitutes during the match, empowering you to monitor minutes played like never before.

  • Card Tracking: Never miss a beat on the field. Easily record and keep track of red & yellow cards during the match.

  • Videos and Visuals: Capture the magic moments with video highlights and visuals, turning each match into a memorable experience.

  • Text updates: Keep your followers engaged with live updates through text, providing a dynamic and immersive match experience.

  • Instant Notifications for Followers: Mingle Sport takes fan engagement to the next level by notifying followers of every magic moment as it happens – goals, assists, and more.

Post-Match: Analyze, Rate, and Share with Ease

The match isn't over when the final whistle blows. Mingle Sport helps you make sense of the game with post-match features like:

  • Match Rating: Evaluate the overall performance and excitement level of the match, providing valuable feedback for improvement.

  • Player Recognition: Rate the Most Valuable Player (MVP), Playmaker, and Workhorse to acknowledge individual contributions.

  • Effortless Social Sharing: Share match results seamlessly on your preferred social channels, keeping your followers informed and engaged.

Mingle Sport is more than just an app – it's a game-changer for grassroots teams looking to elevate their performance and fan engagement. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual tracking and embrace the future of sports management with Mingle Sport. Download the app now and witness the transformation of your team's journey, one magic moment at a time.

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