Team management

January 23, 2024

1 min read

Mastering equal playtime - easily keep track of your substitutes

Keep track of the substitutions during your football soccer match with Mingle Sport

In the world of sports coaching, effective game management is crucial. Coaches continually grapple with the task of ensuring fair playtime for all team members while strategically optimising player positions. This blog delves into the significance of tracking player substitutions and highlights how Mingle Sport, the ultimate football app, is helping coaches to focus even more on the game.

Track Playing Time

Mingle Sport empowers coaches to efficiently manage playing time through instant visualizations of player rotations. The app allows coaches to focus on the game itself rather than being fixated on the clock, effortlessly implementing rules like 'equal playing time.'

Fair Game Time

Mingle Sport ensures fair playtime distribution with tracking the subs and get insights in the minutes played per player.

Track minutes played and subs with the Mingle Sport app

Select Team Formation and easily create your lineup

Simplify team formation with Mingle Sport's user-friendly line up creator. Whether you play five aside 7-a-side, 8v8 or with 11 players: you can pick any team size. (choose between 11, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 players.)

Easy to Use

Designed for simplicity, Mingle Sport is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Coaches can streamline game preparation by quickly checking player attendance before each match, and already create a lineup upfront.

Get Stats & Insights for your sports team

Access comprehensive game summaries with Mingle Sport, including playing time for each player, team lineup and key events like goals & assits. These insights prove invaluable for post-game analysis and strategic planning, elevating your coaching game. You can use the Mingle Sport app or the desktop environment with even more data.

Mingle sport is the most advanced football app where you can track stats, manage your team and share highlights.

Download the app and try it out!