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Freek Bijl

April 18, 2024

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Mingle Sport Athlete Management System

Athlete management system football

Mingle Sport Athlete Management System

The most affordable and easy to use Athlete Management System that allows coaches and staff to track objective performance data from players as well as coach evaluations. For any team that wants to get more out of their game. Free version available today. Premium available in August ‘24. Starting at 3,99 (EUR) a month per team.

Measure what matters

Mingle Sport has 3 key features, share great content, manage your team with ease and get insights in the team and player performance. Coaches and technical staff can use Mingle Sport as their Athlete Management System to track player performance and evaluate matches and players. As a coach you can maximize your team performance to get the most out of the players. As a player you build your own portfolio with stats and videos and see where you can improve to get better.

The functionalities of our Athlete Management System

The Athlete Management System is a set of features that are available in Homebase: our desktop web app. It uses data that is tracked with the Mingle Sport app and allows coaches and team managers to gain insights or prepare for matches and training practices.

Today you can already use our Athlete Management Basics in Homebase for free. See Team Stats, Attendance insights and Manage your team.

Later this year we will launch our premium Athlete Management solutions.

WhatIncludesPrice /monthAvailable
Basic Athlete ManagementTeam Stats, Advanced Team management and Attendance insights, MVP votes and basic Match RatingFreeNow
Athlete Management Essentials (requires Team Boost Level 1)+ Player Performance (matches), More Line-Up options, Match Notes, Training notes6,99 (EUR)August ‘24
Advanced Athlete Management (requires Team Boost Level 2)+ Player Evaluation, Advanced Match Rating, Training Evaluation, More physical performance stats20,99 (EUR)Q4 ‘24

Matches: come better prepared. Learn more afterwards.

Effortlessly streamline your match preparations with insightful attendance tracking and seamless lineup creation. With our intuitive platform, managing substitutes and recording match statistics such as minutes played, goals, assists, cards and videos becomes a breeze. Gain valuable insights to optimize your team's performance and make informed decisions. Rate the performance of the team after each match. Cast your vote for the Most Valuable Player, the Workhorse - hardest working player, and the Playmaker - player with the most creativity, recognizing outstanding contributions on the field.

The following features will be available later this year
The ability to add notes to each match, allowing you to capture essential details and insights. Our advanced match rating feature will allow coaches to evaluate each math on different aspects of team performance.

Line up minutes played management system

Training: how are players doing?

Understand the motivation of players based on their attendance percentage. Understand why players are not coming, who is injured. To prepare your practice in an optimal way. Test your players with our mini games, capture the players with our app and get insights in statistics like shot speed, shot accuracy, running speed & acceleration. See how they improve over time.

The following features will be available later this year
Improved training notes. Ability to add private notes as well. Ask for player feedback on the training and rate their perceived effort.

Players: everything in one place

The Mingle Sport Athlete Management Systems allows you to monitor both objective data about players such as minutes played, (estimated) distance covered, goals, assists, and cards, alongside advanced performance indicators like shot accuracy, shot speed, sprint acceleration, and sprint speed. Additionally, coaches can add player and match evaluations. Players build their own portfolio with personal statistics & videos.

Today you already have access to easy to use table views of team attendance as well as graphs and trend lines on Team Stats. With the upcoming premium versions of the Athlete Management System you will be able to access advanced table views and graphs previously only available for professional coaches. We will continue to add more advanced stats and video highlights in the upcoming 24/25 season.

player development system - player graph

Team performance

Track your team's performance with metrics like match win ratio and team form, providing valuable insights into overall competitiveness. Monitor the team's attendance at matches and training sessions, ensuring consistency and dedication. Analyze goal difference, average goals per match, and the number of clean sheets to gauge defensive and offensive effectiveness. Compare individual player performances to the rest of the team, identifying standout contributors and areas for improvement. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's strengths and areas for growth with these insightful metrics

Coming soon
Unlock trend lines and rankings on benchmarks for crucial statistics, providing invaluable insights into player and team development opportunities. Understand the trajectory of key metrics and identify areas for growth and improvement, empowering coaches and players to optimize performance and reach their full potential.

player development tool - team performance

Supporting every coach, player and team staff

  • Coaches
    Access to detailed player performance metrics enables coaches to tailor training programs and strategies for individual players, maximizing their potential. Analyzing match & training statistics. Monitoring player progress over time to identify areas for improvement, facilitating targeted training interventions. And, easy team management features that saves time.

  • Players
    Athletes gain insights in their statistics and build their portfolio with stats and videos. Access to performance data allows athletes to track their progress, set goals, and identify areas for improvement, fostering accountability and motivation.

  • Support staff
    Collaboration with coaches and athletes allows support staff to tailor interventions and recommendations to enhance performance and well-being. Easy manage all team activities like create matches, rosters and attendance for matches & training.

  • Parents
    Parents can stay informed about their child's schedules, match highlights in the form of stats and videos, and overall progress through the platform. It empowers parents to actively participate in their child's athletic journey, ensuring an enriching experience in the sport

The benefits of the Mingle Sport AMS

  • Save time
    Streamline data collection and analysis processes, saving valuable time for coaches, trainers, and support staff.

  • All-in-One Solution
    Integrates multiple functionalities into a single platform, providing comprehensive support for athlete management and performance optimization.

  • App & Web environment
    Available as both a mobile app and desktop platform, ensuring accessibility for users regardless of their location or device preference.

  • User-Friendly Interface
    Designed with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all levels to navigate and use the AMS with ease.

  • Data Centralisation

    Centralizes all athlete-related data in one place, enabling easy access, organization, and analysis of performance metrics, injury histories, schedules and more

  • Performance Benchmarking (coming soon)

    Enables benchmarking of player performance against previous performances & industry standards compared to same age or gender.

Give it a try

Interested in using this for your club? Reach out via chat on the bottom of this page.