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Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

May 22, 2024

1 min read

Racesquare: The perfect team building activity for football teams


Are you looking for a team outing that is not only fun but also strengthens team spirit and creates unforgettable memories? Racesquare offers the ideal solution for football teams looking for a thrilling and challenging experience off the football field. Here are five reasons why Racesquare is the perfect team outing for team building for football teams:

1. Full Throttle for an Adrenaline Kick! 💨

Just like on the football field, Racesquare is all about winning. Step into one of the high-quality simulators and feel the adrenaline flow as you compete against your teammates to conquer the first place.

2. Racing Fun, Rain or Shine! ☔

One of the benefits at Racesquare is that the weather doesn't matter. Whether it's raining, snowing, or the sun is shining, the indoor locations offer a perfect racing experience all year round. No canceled activities due to bad weather, but guaranteed fun for the entire team, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

3. Everyone Can Win 🏆

At Racesquare, everyone has a chance to shine, regardless of their experience level. Whether you're a beginner just starting to race, or an experienced driver looking for a new challenge, the simulators are suitable for all levels. With different settings and options, team members of all skill levels can join the race and have a chance of victory.

4. The "Third Half" After Racing 🍻

After racing, it's time to relax and evaluate the battle with your teammates over a refreshing drink. Racesquare offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you're celebrating the victory or discussing setbacks, having a drink together after racing strengthens the bond between team members.

5. Social Battle on the Circuit 🏎️

At Racesquare, racing is not just about speed and competition, but also about social interaction and camaraderie. Thanks to headphone communication, you can stay in touch with your teammates during the race and tackle the challenge together on the circuit. Whether you're sending a teasing remark to your rivals as you overtake them, or saying hello to your coach as he stands still in the gravel trap while you zoom towards the finish line.

Check out this video to see how fun Racesquare is!

Ready to strengthen the team spirit and have an unforgettable team experience? Step into the world of Racesquare and discover why this is the perfect team outing for your football team! The on!!