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Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

March 22, 2024

3 min read

A sponsor for your football team

Are you looking for a sponsor for your football team? Mingle Sport offers the opportunity for every team to close a sponsorship deal. Your team shares highlights in Mingle and on social media. We take care of the sponsor and the stuff your team needs.

Your football team deserves a sponsor too

Perhaps your club has a sponsor, but your team does not. Or your team needs more gear. Or… your team is not affiliated with a club but you play at Footy Addicts or a student team.

Our mission at Mingle Sport is to professionalize amateur sports. With Mingle, you can keep more statistics and create better match content. The next step we are going to take is to professionalize sponsorship deals for amateur teams. It's 2024. Your digital presence is also worth a sponsor.

What does your team need to comply with?

Every team can apply. We have created a simple application form.

  • Sporting on and off the field.

  • Performance driven or just for fun. Doesn't matter.

  • Your team must be at least 10 people big (staff and parents can count)

  • You have a team social (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or X) with 150 followers or more

  • You are willing to share (match) content for the duration of the sponsorship deal (at least a quarter)

How do we come to a sponsorship deal?

If you meet the sponsorship conditions, we will contact you. We will delve deeper into what you are looking for in a sponsor. And vice versa: what you have to offer.

Based on the characteristics of your team and how many followers you have, we come up with a sponsorship proposal for a period of at least a quarter and a maximum of a season.

When you agree with the proposal, we look for a suitable sponsor. If we have a match, we will discuss the final details with you.

What exactly does the sponsorship deal entail?

A sponsorship deal is an agreement between the team and Mingle Sport, representing the sponsor. The team will positively draw attention to the sponsor. On the field and online. The sponsor provides the means that the team needs.

Practically, this means for the team:

  • you create content of your matches with Mingle and share these with followers on Mingle and your socials;

  • (if desired) you wear clothing with the sponsor on it on the field

  • (if desired) you create special content with your team for the sponsor

The sponsor provides (a contribution) to means for:

  • clothing: match uniforms, bibs, away shirts or sweaters;

  • equipment: bags, water bottles, coach board, etc

  • sport technology: sensors, video camera, analysis software ;

  • team development: team building, extra coaching or training

How much can my team earn with a sponsorship deal?

For a team that has 150 followers on social media. Shares match content on Mingle and social media for a whole season. And also promotes the sponsor on the field, you should think of an amount around 250 euros. For teams that are larger on social media and want to do more for the sponsor, this can increase to 1000 euros per team.

The sponsorship fee can be spent on clothing, equipment, sports technology and team development. We work together with suppliers on possibilities to easily order your stuff and get it delivered.

Register your team

Are you interested in a sponsorship deal for your team? Then sign up now. If you have feedback or questions, please let us know via the chat function on the website.