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Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

February 7, 2024

3 min read

Top 5 essentials for a soccer coach excel spreadsheet

Best excel spreadsheet soccer coach

Soccer coaches are often responsible for many aspects of a team. Match-day preparation, running practice sessions, dealing with team members (and parents for youth teams) and more. To store all this info, most soccer coaches have their own spreadsheets. But are they storing the right info? What should be in those spreadsheets to ensure the soccer coach has everything he needs?

In this blog we share the top 5 essentials a soccer coach should have in their Excel spreadsheet. From team info and admin to tactics, we’re discussing them all below.

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Why do coaches use Excel spreadsheets?

  1. Manage Team Members and Staff: A team is more than just its players; it's a cohesive unit supported by staff and administrators. Spreadsheets help coaches maintain detailed records of player profiles, staff information, and contact details, fostering a well-organized and supportive team environment.

  2. Keep Track of Stats: Numbers are invaluable in understanding player performance and team dynamics. Spreadsheets allow coaches to track stats such as goals scored, tackles made, and assists, providing insights into performance and foundations for improvement.

  3. Manage Attendance (RSVP): Communication is key in team sports. Spreadsheets help coaches keep track of player availability for training sessions, matches, and team events, to try and encourage cohesion and participation.

What are the top 5 essentials for the best soccer coach Excel spreadsheet?

  1. Team member information: An easy overview of the most important information of all the team members.

    1. Player profiles and their preferred position

    2. Staff details and parent contact information (if relevant)

  2. Track attendance: Attendance is a reflection of commitment and accountability. The best soccer coach spreadsheet allows coaches to monitor training and match participation, analyze attendance trends, and ensure team cohesion. Knowing who is present during practice or on gameday during the match is essential for a coach.

    1. Training attendance per player

    2. Match attendance per player

  3. Team & player performance: Success is built on insights gathered from performance data. The best soccer coach spreadsheet helps coaches analyze win ratios, streaks, and attendance patterns, unlocking the secrets to peak performance.

    1. Team form & win ratio

    2. Goal difference

    3. Assists

    4. Clean sheets

    5. Attendance reports

  4. Create line-ups: easily create line-ups and adjust according to the most effective formation.

    1. Build your line-up

    2. Easily re-use old line-ups

  5. Match stats & match reports: Every aspect of the game tracked, from minutes played to individual contributions. Match stats provide a comprehensive snapshot of team performance, guiding strategic decisions.

    1. Match events

    2. Substitutions

    3. Cards and suspensions

    4. Minutes played per player

    5. Goal difference

These 5 essentials are crucial for soccer coaches to have in their spreadsheets. It will allow the coach to have a holistic view of the team and improve performance, team cohesion and management in the long run.

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