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Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

September 6, 2023

2 min read

Top 6 Line-Up Tools You Have To Try

How to create a lineup for your grassroots football soccer team with Mingle Sport App

You know the drill: your favourite football team is playing an important match tonight and you've been sitting on the couch with the TV on since the preview. You're constantly refreshing your phone on the Internet or Instagram until the club announces the starting XI.

In modern football, putting together an effective line-up is essential for success on the field. But whether you lead an amateur team or are a professional coach, choosing the right players and formation can make a big difference in the team's performance.

Fortunately, these days you don't have to get started with pen and paper, but can use a variety of tools that simplify and improve the process. Here are the 6 best tools to create engaging line-up visuals you can share with your team:

Mingle Sport

With Mingle Sport, you can create a line-up for free and easily. You can choose different formations, select base and substitute players and then share it with teammates, followers and friends. In addition to creating a line-up for your team, Mingle Sport has other cool features such as scheduling matches and practices, creating and sharing match content and measuring your shot quality. All conveniently in one app.

Tractics Manager

Tractics Manager is a paid tool with various features and software to define and prepare training sessions, tactics and line-ups. You can easily fill in templates and display formations in 3d. This is mainly aimed for the trainer himself and easy to use on the computer or tablet

Coach Amigo

In the Coach Amigo app, you can give players an avatar, change the color of the jerseys to your club colors and line-up different formations with the players. A formation creator tool that helps visualize the lineup.


Homecrowd is an online platform where you can create football line-ups. Set up a line-up with templates and export and share the line-up. Compare the line-up with other professional clubs or copy the same line-up.

Although Build line-up does not have an app and is only available through their website, you can easily add player names and drag & drop the line-up. Once you have created the line-up, you can download the image or take a screenshot to share the line-up.


Using the LineUp11 app, you can design a football formation in a simple and fast way. You can choose from more than 2,000 existing professional football shirts and can choose from several stadiums. Ideal for young players who like to compare themselves to a Messi or Ronaldo. You can share it on social media and the app is free. Unfortunately, you can't add your own names to it yet.

In short, the world of sports technology is evolving rapidly, offering coaches and team leaders innovative ways to create line-ups and improve the performance of their teams.