Freek Bijl

Freek Bijl

September 14, 2023

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Top 5 best soccer apps for soccer coaches

Soccer players training at football practice

As a coach of a soccer team, you have many duties. Whether you play basement league or major league, you want the best for your team and for the club. Statistics, practical matters, attendance, etc. These are all things you need to track and measure. Fortunately, with today's technology, this is made a lot easier. There are several apps that offer you as a coach help with all sorts of useful features. We have listed the top 5 best apps for trainers for you.

1. Mingle Sport

An all-in-1 free soccer app! Mingle Sport offers you free and easy management tools. From keeping track of who attends training sessions to indicating the match experience and sharing match content. In addition, Mingle offers minigames that you as a soccer coach can use to test the players of your team on e.g. shot speed and sprint speed. Mingle makes it easy for you as a soccer coach to arrange everything for your team in one place! No more Excel spreadsheets! Everything in the app. Want even more details? There is also a web environment - Mingle HomeBase:

2. Coach Amigo

Coach Amigo is a free app for every soccer coach. With many useful features, the app helps your as a coach. Create a team, prepare matches, start a live stream and collect statistics. All these functions make it a lot easier for you as a coach. In addition to the basic version, Coach Amigo also has a premium version with even more useful features. Coach Amigo is available in web and app.


VTON was developed with the goal of supporting soccer coaches in making training more fun and educational. The app offers you soccer practice material and a continuous learning line for youth from 9-15 years old. As a trainer, compile your own workouts from a database of 950 digitised practice forms. VTON is a home base for youth trainers in the Netherlands! VTON is available in web and app.

4. Sporteasy

Sporteasy helps you as a trainer to simplify the organization of your team. schedule events, track your players, attendence at games or create line-ups. the app allows you to spend less time managing and more time supporting your team. It also helps you track stats of your team like goals, assists and yellow/red cards. Manage your team like a pro! Sporteasy is available on web and app.

5. Your Sport Planner

The last in this list is Your Sport Planner. Organise your workouts easily with your sport planner. This app offers a tool that allows you to easily create and save workouts, search for exercises or create your own. The app also offers various tools for organising your team. Register as a coach or as a club. The app is available for multiple sports including soccer. Your Sport Player is available in web and app.

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